Three Must-Follow Principles to Attract a Technical Cofounder (Plus, Bonus Advice for Moving Forward on Your Own)

Written on 2015-11-03

Note: I’m a non-technical cofounder that was able to bring an awesome CTO to join the company while being totally tech lame at the time—so yes, I’m preaching something that has worked for me. Opportunity has knocked on your door. You just had a brilliant idea that will change the world. Good! Now you need to ship the product lighting fast. (That’s written in The Lean Startup book, right?) But you… Read more

What the Brazilian Startup Ecosystem Needs to Succeed

Written on 2014-10-14

[UPDATE-1] Wow! This post ended up on the first page of Hacker News! [UPDATE-2] This article was featured on Globo News, you can watch the show here—thanks for helping spreading the ideas :) The year was 2002 and the dot-com bubble had just crashed in spectacular fashion. Business insiders and the public were very skeptical about the future of technology in general and Internet companies specifica… Read more

Everpix and the Supposedly "Series A Crunch"

Written on 2014-08-21

Everpix was a photo-storing and syncing app that had to be shut down after the company ran out of money in November of 2013. Startups fail all the time, but Everpix's story is unique because it chose to share the details of its journey (here and here) from its launch in 2011 until its demise two years later—giving startup communities around the world a chance to take away valuable lessons and insi… Read more

Interview with a Fitness Celebrity

Written on 2014-08-07

In a previous blog post, I discussed the fact that fitness is one of the most popular topics on social networks today. To understand a little more about how the fitness community uses online platforms, I had a chat with one of the most influential fitness professionals on the Internet: the trainer Fael Rafiusks. Since Fael started his YouTube channel in 2011, his workout videos have achieved nea… Read more

The Internet is Fit

Written on 2014-08-05

Fitness has been one of my favorite hobbies since my parents let me hit the weights for the first time back when I was 15 years old. Even at that young age, I quickly realized that if I was ever going to achieve the gains I wanted, I needed to do more than just work out: I needed to learn about the best training methods and the most nutritious foods because the better you train and eat, the better… Read more